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Binding and handling and finishing services:
  • POLAR 115 Guillotine
    with Transomat for loading and unloading.
  • POLAR 137 Guillotine
    with Transomat for loading and unloading.
  • POLAR 155 Guillotine
    with Transomat for loading and unloading.
  • WHOLENBERG 185 Guillotine
    with automatic loading and unloading.
  • 1 HEIDELBERG D/P 142x180 folding machine
  • 1 STHAL D/P 132x160 folding machine
  • 3 STAHL 112x160 folding machines
  • 2 STAHL 94x140 folding machines
  • 1 STAHL 78x115 folding machines
  • *Specialty in Maps
Sewing Binding:
  • 2 ASTER
  • 1 SMITH D/P machine
  • 2 M.MARTINI 3210 machines
  • 1 line of CORONA M.MARTINI 12000 jacket covering
    eg./h. of 12 stations of appeal
    (fto. minimum 10x14 + maximum 30.5x41 approx.)
  • 1 line of TRENDBINDER jacket covering and casemaker
    M.MARTINI of 18 raised stations and guard
    stations and COLA PUR station
  • 1 line of STARDBINDER jacket covering and casemakers
    M.MARTINI of 15 raised stations.
Hard cover:
  • One machine to enter covers
    (fto. minimum 12x15 + max. 28x37 approx.)
  • 1 machine to make covers
  • 3 separate and adaptable BELCA retractable tunnels in packets.
    1 line of SITMA for retractable units.
    1 semi-automatic machine for special retractable units.
    2 automatic MOSCA machines for binding.
  • 3 semi-automatic MOSCA machines for binging.
    1 machine for conducting automatic insertion.
    1 machine for automatically making holes.
    1 manual machine for making round edges.
  • *The minimum and maximum sizes are the standard formats of the machine.